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Share your recipes, questions, advice and memories.

Thankgiving Day Recipes
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Thankgiving Day Recipes, Stories and Advice
This site is for anyone wanting to share or looking for Thanksgiving recipes. I started this community because in 2005 because this was my first year creating a Thanksgiving dinner for a group. My family was never big on Thanksgiving, so I don't have any recipes to go by. It has become a very daunting task to search for recipes on-line.

So please post your recipes, stories and advice to share with everyone!

Check out the Memories section for organized recipes.

At this time, I do not have a big list of rules that I see on other cooking/holiday communities. I created this community in order to organize recipes and tips from various sources regarding Thanksgiving for my benefit any (and anyone else who digs Thanksgiving) to learn and get great ideas from seasoned "professionals" :) Basically, I find that the members use practical manners that they learned in Kindergarten - or I at least ask them to.