November 16th, 2008


Re-freezing a turkey

Weird Question

If I buy a frozen turkey, thaw it, could I re-freeze it?


If I buy  a fresh turkey, can I freeze it?

Maybe it don't matter since either way is a bad idea?

(My insanity will make more sense in my next post)

Grilling Turkey - How To Video

Over the summer, I decided to grill a whole turkey breast. Since I am a grilling novice, and have never grilled anything other than steaks, burgers and hotdogs, I tried to look around on how in the world you do this.

I found this video to be VERY helpful. (There are a lot of videos out on youtube)

This guy had a lot more useful tools for the job, but since I only had a whole breast (and a smaller 16-18 inch grill) it didn't matter too much. I used a makeshift drip pan out of aluminum foil. This year I think I am going to get a disposable aluminum foil pan though.

I could not do this without the chimney starter and I also put flavored woodchips in with the charcoal. It was fabulous!

For Thanksgiving, I would like to grill the turkey. I am limited to doing another whole breast (approx. 8 pounds), but was going to do turkey legs on our portable grill. (Plus, the hubby can do the grilling, while I do other stuff - one less person out of the kitchen pestering me!) I will probably have approx. 8 people this year for Thanksgiving, including me.

Of course since I live in No.Dak., grilling is all going to depend if the weather is decent. (Decent = no blowing snow, blizzards, rain, etc. - but I will put up with coldness). This means that I am thinking about buying a whole turkey in case I am forced to roasting it in the oven. (Which is why I have the weird question below.)

Have any of you ever grilled a turkey? How did it go, and any helpful suggestions? I found myself adding briquettes a lot throughout the grilling process - which might have indicated I didn't have enough in the first place.